Affordable way to seal and protect your outdoor concrete surfaces

Your concrete is being worn away. You may not notice it at first, but given a few years of relentless exposure to rain, vehicle emissions, oils, chemicals and road salts you’ll start to see the damage. Cracks will begin to spread, divots will appear and what was once a beautiful slab of concrete is now a costly draw back to your home’s curb appeal. Instead of letting these forces wreak havoc on your outdoor concrete surfaces, you can avoid the repair costs and protect it simultaneously.

In states that deal with the harsh deicing element in road salts (sodium chloride) each and every winter, the salt causes extensive road damage, but also effects driveways and other surfaces that are not sealed and protected. This applies to store-bought deicing salts for residential and commercial walkways, porches, patios and sidewalks that are concrete. This helps accelerate the deterioration of the concrete surface and not only looks ugly, but can be very costly to fix.

sealed concrete driveway

The Concrete Protector’s Penetrating Hydrophobic Concrete Sealer protects any outdoor concrete surface from salt damage, vehicle fluid leaks and even the most severe weather elements. This product can help slow the effect of discoloration, caused by poor drainage, and can also be applied on brick, pavers and other porous stones.

This low-cost, easy to apply sealer works just below the surface by “plugging up” the concrete capillaries, preventing water from entering into the concrete. Instead of a rigid topical sealer, which can be worn away, this powerful sealer penetrates into the concrete and provides protection from the inside out…making your surface very easy to clean and maintain year-round. Once applied, your concrete surface will be instantly protected for up to 5 years.

This proven product is environmentally responsible and user friendly. Now through the end of fall is the perfect time to seal & protect your concrete surfaces. You will be amazed at the difference it makes!

Order online or get DIY expert advice on how much CP Sealer is needed or application questions at If you would rather speak to a product expert, contact The Concrete Protector at 877-743-9732.