Best way to polish large concrete flooring areas, while saving time and money

Power trowel features

A proven Power Trowel Polishing System can be used to polish large concrete projects in days, not weeks. Our proprietary power trowel adaptors, diamonds and chemistry allow for production rates up to 10,000 sq. ft.

The LD6 Power Trowel is a fully hydrostatic 6-foot ride on trowel. The LD6 is equipped with a proportional servo-controlled pump and high torque motors to deliver performance unmatched by any 6-foot rider-on trowel.

There are many benefits of polishing large area concrete flooring, including Eliminate Dusting, Stain Resistance, Slip Resistance, Decreasing Wear and Tear from day-to-day work traffic, Less Maintenance and Cost Effective.

The LD6 Power Trowel is in stock and ready to ship!!

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