Save time removing old epoxy to prep concrete surfaces

Warrior Concrete Grinders

There is no debate that removing old epoxy, glues and other products, while prepping a concrete surface for a new installation is both time consuming and costly. Unless you enjoy spending more of your hard-earned dollars and prep time at every job, Warrior Equipment is your answer!

The amazingly efficient machines have been onsite proven to cut your prep time in half, if not more! This inventory of Warrior concrete grinders range from handling the largest jobs to the smallest.

Part of this World of Concrete MIP award-winning fleet is the newest and most portable Warrior ever – The Tomahawk 1776. This machine can remove and prep a 250 SF concrete patio in less than an hour. This means you get to start and finish your concrete overlay project much sooner…which does what? That’s right, saves time and money!

From thousands of square feet projects to as small as a utility closet prep job, Warrior Equipment concrete grinders are one of a kind and have simply amazed many contractors, according to Google reviews, because of their unmatched performance!

If this isn’t enough information for you, how about scheduling a FREE onsite demonstration? That’s right, the Warrior Team will bring the equipment to you and let you take it for a test drive! There is no obligation to buy, but we are confident once you stand behind a Warrior you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner?!

These concrete grinders are in stock and ready to ship, but Hurry! They go fast!!

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