Warrior Leonidas TD (Propane) 2795

The 2023 Black Ops edition Warrior Equipment Leonidas WE-2795PTD is a propane-powered concrete grinder designed for concrete surface preparation and coating removal. Featuring a fully gear-driven, 4-head configuration, this grinder is characterized by its exceptional power and precision. The machine incorporates a traction drive system, enhancing both productivity and safety by reducing the risk of injuries. Are you ready to awaken the concrete artist within? The Leonidas awaits – embrace the extraordinary and redefine your craft!


  • 4 Head Planetary
  • Propane
  • Traction Drive
  • Working area: 27.95in or 710mm
  • Weight: 1440 lbs
  • Max Head Pressure: 814
  • Horse Power: 27
  • Motor KW: 20
  • RPM/Rotation: 904
  • Revolution: 150