Warrior Tomahawk 2047

Introducing the Cutting-Edge 2023 Black Ops Edition Warrior Equipment Tomahawk WE-2047 Concrete Grinder! Unleash the power of innovation as you embark on a concrete grinding journey like never before. Designed to conquer challenges head-on, this remarkable grinder comes armed with a detachable head, unlocking a realm of possibilities. Ascend stairs effortlessly, dance through tight quarters with finesse, and explore every nook and cranny with unmatched precision. The Black Ops edition is your ultimate ally, engineered to redefine limits and redefine what’s possible in the world of concrete grinding.


  • 3 Head Planetary
  • Removable Head
  • Working area: 20.47in or 520mm
  • Weight: 517 lbs
  • Max Head Pressure: 274
  • Horse Power: 5.5
  • Motor KW: 4
  • Inverter KW: 5.5
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Phase: Single Only
  • RPM/Rotation: 691
  • Revolution: 197